Our mission is to support the athletic programs in the Fabius-Pompey School District and the students who participate in them. GO FALCONS!


  • Ben Neadom, President – 315-440-0840, benhoof10@aol.com
  • John Feeney, Treasurer
  • Cheryl Clancy, Secretary – 315-662-3123
  • School Liason, Jean Gaspirni
  • Kathy Beardslee, Website

Other members include: Patty Feeney, Maryam Wasmund, Ed Keplinger, Debbie Rapp, Michelle VerDow, Amy Wagner, Sheila Larkin, Mark and Melanie Vilardi, Katie Stroh, Kathy Beardslee, Bill Heselden, Carrie Breed, Cori Talor, Karen Whalen

Volunteers Needed!

We are always looking for new members. Join us to support Fabius-Pompey sports and our athletes. Contact any member for more information.

Student Photographs used in publications
Throughout the school year, this website may use photographs of students may be taken at an athletic event or by the news media. We may also use photos posted on our Sports Booster Facebook page. If you do not wish your child photographed for these purposes, please contact us.